Saturday, July 5, 2008

We have moved and will stop using blogspot soon
SPREE 19 [close on 13th July sunday midnight]

WeiShop's VIP will still remain WeiFashion VIP, inform me after you register an acount at and i will set you as VIP member, if you think you are eligible for VIP contact me and i will check for previous orders and decide. Hope to see everyone at, tell your friend's friend's friendsss about our new site ^^

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spree 18 Updates

Update 26 july

Lens - Arrived
Wigs - Restocking
Lovestar - Arrived
City Star - Arrived
Baimomo - Arrived
Barbiebagel -1/2 Arrived
Blythezoo - 2/3 Arrived
Cutie Fashion - Seller post out parcel
Cynthia - Seller post out parcel
DDcandy - Seller post out parcel
e-Style - Arrived
JJS - Arrived
Joyce Shop - Restocking
MAZ - Seller post out parcel
Orange - No order
Puffy - Restocking
Queen - Arrived
Shiadesso - Arrived
UDI Fashion - Restocking
Winnie Bear - Arrived
Xiao Mei - Restocking
Yoyogi - Arrived
Orangebear - Arrived
Korean Style - Restocking
ManStyle - No order
Serush - Arrived
Seventy Age - No order
Gender queery - Arrived
Pink Lady - Arrived
Beauty - Seller post out parcel
Yoyo barbie - Seller post out parcel
Jpmon - Arrived
PG bag - Seller post out items
Skyblue - Restocking
Winnie Shop - Restocking
FMshoes - Arrived
Woman Shoes - Arrived